Brew Review – St. Pete Orange Wheat by St. Pete Brewing

Man, St. Petersburg is doing something right with craft beer.

They have some pretty big and up-and-coming names in the Florida brewing industry: 3 Daughters, Green Bench, Cycle, and St. Pete Brewing Co.

A gorgeous, extended St. Pete Brewing Co. logo.

They’re not too far from Tropicana Field and have a pretty good line of beers on tap at their tap house, along with co-owners that have studied business and a head brewer that’s been brewing in multiple states. Basically, there’s a solid team behind the bar here. Including one ‘beer therapist;’ I’d like to know what that’s about…

They currently have two beers canned and available in the Bay area: Milo’s IPA (which I did not grab and I’m kicking myself for), and their flagship St. Pete Orange Wheat (Pale Wheat Ale, 4.7% ABV).

St. Pete Orange Wheat by St. Pete Brewing

St. Pete Orange Wheat by St. Pete Brewing

St. Pete Orange Wheat has the most explosive fruit aroma of any beer I’ve tried. It is immediately, unmistakeable, completely orange. I love it. I’m a big fan of orange in beers, and (oddly enough) I hadn’t seen a straight orange hefeweizen from a Florida brewer. I’m making one, but hadn’t seen one yet. It’s fantastic.

Tasting the beer is just as good as smelling it. It’s got the light hefeweizen maltiness I love, but with the orange peel and coriander, the beer is as light and fresh as I hoped. it’s sweet, not really hoppy, and that sweetness lingers on the tongue. Add that to the gorgeous light orange color, and this is one fantastic beer.

I’m happy that St. Pete Brewing has a canning line, and I’m happy I was able to pick up a can of this beer. It’s a shame it’s so hard for me to obtain, however.

I’d like to get more.

Drink Florida Craft,




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