Brew Review – Miami Weiss by Orlando Brewing

Orlando Brewing, which is based in some random city somewhere in Orange County, might be one of the unsung heroes of Florida craft beer. They don’t have quite the budget of, say, Cigar City, or the hipster cred of J. Wakefield, but they just keep popping up everywhere with a huge rotation of excellent beer.

This time, I caught them in Ft. Pierce, at Cobb’s Landing. Cobb’s Landing is an adorable little restaurant situated right on the marina in Downtown Ft.. Pierce, with an excellent menu and a fantastic beer selection. Honestly, they have a book devoted exclusively to beer, where you can flip through all the spec sheets for everything they have on draft.

On my recent visit, the spec sheet that caught me was Orlando Brewing’s Miami Weiss (Hefeweizen, 4.6% ABV).

Miami Weiss by Orlando Brewing

Miami Weiss by Orlando Brewing

On the outside, it has all the hallmarks of a quality hefeweizen. Not very filtered, with a hazy golden hue. The aroma has a light fruit and hop characteristic to it, though. That’s also what tends to feature prominently when drinking – there’s more hop than fruit to the taste than a normal, straight hefe.

Don’t worry, it’s not a pale ale. It’s also not quite light and hoppy enough to be considered a pale wheat ale. It’s just a touch more hoppy than normal, and they used a citrusy hop to complement the natural esters and tastes of the classic hefeweizen.

On top of all of that, there’s sort of a meaty, mature quality to the beer. Many hefeweizens taste like drinking a banana soda sometimes; this one won’t. It’s more complex and mouthwatering, like having a steak instead of a packet of Skittles.

Orlando Brewing is one of those places I can’t believe I still haven’t been to. I must remedy this soon, especially with the great stuff they’re producing.

And cue the music (I just couldn’t pass this reference up…)

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