Brewery Visit – Devour Brewing

Devour Brewing is the newest brewery to open in Boynton Beach. Situated almost perfectly halfway between Due South and Delray Beach’s SaltWater Brewing, this new 1-barrel brewhouse and tap room is owned by husband and wife team Chip and Tricia Breighner.

Devour Brewing logo. Image courtesy of Devour Brewing.

Devour Brewing logo. Image courtesy of Devour Brewing.

And here’s where I have to pause for a second to explain the name of the brewery.

So Chip was chatting with my wife and I, discussing the history and future of the brewery (of which I shall share later), and I finally had to ask where he got the name Devour for a brewery. Apparently it comes from the song of the same name by the Jacksonville-based band Shinedown. While trying to figure out a name for the brewery, this came on, and it was a perfect fit.

Interestingly enough, that question was being posed to his wife behind the bar at the same time. Her response was to blast the song from their stereo system. The song is below, so you can do the same for the rest of the review:

Back to the beer. Devour has been in the works for many months now, but finally got approval and opened their doors less than a month ago. They were first brought to my attention when I met Chip and Tricia pouring next to me at January’s Mariana Trench release party at Due South Brewing.

Actually, Due South has a small role to play in the story of Devour, since Due South’s owner Mike Halker helped Chip and Tricia with a lot of the legal wrangling necessary to open up a brewing facility (which is a lot). Once that was sorted out, Tricia left her job as an RN and both of them devoted themselves full-time to opening the brewery.

Devour's bar area.

Devour’s bar area.

The recipes are all Chip’s, though, and from the early word of mouth they seem to be doing pretty well. There’s a small ‘up next’ board behind the bar showing what recipes are due to be coming out soon, and there’s already talk of collaborations with other breweries in the area.

Devour's brewing and fermentation area

Devour’s brewing and fermentation area

It’s still small, with Chip brewing one barrel at a time. For that reason, the only place to find Devour for the near future is at Devour itself, which is open every day except Monday and Tuesday. It’s a comfortable space, with plenty of bar games and a few TVs. Food is available for order, and they have a pretty sweet 50% off deal with a local Papa John’s for the next few months.

Devour beer sampler

Devour beer sampler

And beer, of course. Glorious beer. Devour doesn’t offer flights per se, but does offer 5 oz. pours of everything on tap for sampling. This way, you can make your flights as big or as small as you want. It’s pretty smart, and apparently it’s also useful when it comes to the legal part of accounting for all of the liquids distributed.

There were six Devour beers on tap when I was there; I ended up sampling four. Here’s what they had:

Lemon Drop Wheat by Devour Brewing

Lemon Drop Wheat by Devour Brewing

Lemon Drop Wheat (Hefeweizen, 5.5% ABV, 21.6 IBU) – Of all the fruity treatments to hefeweizens I’ve tried, I can’t actually recall having a lemon one. When I tried this beer, I can’t imagine why I haven’t seen more of them. It’s fantastic. A quintessential summer beer, the light citrus from the lemon zest really brings out the effervescence in a perky and mellow wheat beer. It’s not too bitter, it doesn’t feel overly sugary sweet, it’s just a very simple and well-crafted wheat ale with a lemon quality that rounds the beer out.

Heff On Vacation by Devour Brewing

Heff On Vacation by Devour Brewing

Heff on Vacation (Hefeweizen, 6% ABV, 11 IBU) – This beer was flying when we were there. If it’s gone by the time you visit, 1-Don’t blame me, and 2-I’m not surprised. Once again, a light, almost paler version of the hefeweizen used for the Lemon Drop, but this one was infused with a blend of tropical teas. As a result, the beer has a more mature, rounded, and meaty sort of quality than Lemon Drop. It’s not like drinking a tea-flavored drink; the herbal flavors are in the background, just slightly but noticeable evident on the tongue especially after drinking.

Juniper Berry Saison by Devour Brewing

Juniper Berry Saison by Devour Brewing

Juniper Berry Saison (Saison, 7.2% ABV, 21.2 IBU) – I’ve never had juniper berries. I know they’re used for gin, though, and this saison has a distinctive, but light, gin quality to it. The beer feels like a mellow, slightly higher ABV-saison with the added earthiness of a heavy Belgian IPA. It’s a bit darker and heavier than a standard saison, to be sure, but there’s a wonderful bouquet and complex flavors for drinkers.

Chocolate Porter by Devour Brewing

Chocolate Porter by Devour Brewing

Chocolate Porter (Porter, 5.7% ABV, 26.3 IBU) – Ah, yes. Few beers make me happier than a good, classic chocolate porter. The porter side of the beer is spot on, with a light drinkability and loads of complex, roasted dark flavors. The chocolate, however, was a little different. Whereas most chocolate beers get much of their flavor from the liberal use of roasted malts, Chip actually used semisweet Ghiradelli chocolate during the boil of this beer. It gives it a slightly higher chocolate aroma and flavor, but not so much that it tastes like a milkshake. The chocolate is a little more pure and less roasted than other beers. Basically, it’s excellent.

The building front at Devour Brewing.

The building front at Devour Brewing.

It’s always good to see a new addition to the Florida Craft Beer scene. It’s especially interesting to see that Boynton Beach is starting to become its own little craft beer mecca, with three breweries up and running, plus more planned. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Chip and Tricia, go soon; they’re there 5 days a week.

They will also be at the upcoming Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest (I’ll be there, too). You’ll have a chance to sample some of their beers, including a Coffee and Cream Brown Ale that sounds quite amazing.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to listen to that song again.

Drink Florida Craft,




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