Brew Review – Der Chancellor by Tequesta Brewing

I wanted this beer to be called Der Kommissar because of the 80’s song by After The Fire, but oh well. Life moves on, and so will I right after I leave this here:

Tequesta Brewing is one of the oldest and one of the most highly regarded breweries in Palm Beach County, but unfortunately outside of some taps, you can’t regularly find their beers anywhere outside of the Palm Beach-Martin-Broward county area.

Until now. Tequesta partnered with Cape Canaveral-based Florida Beer Company to contract brew their signature beer, Der Chancellor (Kolsch, 5.3% ABV).

Der Chancellor by Tequesta Brewing

Der Chancellor by Tequesta Brewing

This beer is very crisp and very hoppy, maybe a bit hoppier than other kolsch beers I have had before. The color of the beer is a very crystal clear and light straw, very inviting and appetizing.

It’s nice and lightly malty sweet and light in alcohol, so it can very easily be sessioned at the beach or by the pool side. And, of course, there’s a German guy on the label, and who doesn’t love that.

In the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve come to realize that my visit to Tequesta Brewing is long overdue. I continue to see them and their new imprint Twisted Trunk at area beer festivals, but I’ve never been able to drive to Tequesta before. This is something I need to remedy very soon, especially if there’s a crazy German man in the brewery.

Drink Florida Craft,




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