Summadayze by Darwin Brewing Co.

The thing with a beer called Summadayze isn’t so much that I would think of anything that has to do with a summer day, but that I can only go straight to Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft. Because it’s an awesome song. Admit it.

But it’s summer, and a summer day needs a summer beer. Something obviously summery, like Darwin Brewing’s Summadayze.

Summadayze by Darwin Brewing Co.

Summadayze by Darwin Brewing Co.

For an IPA, especially a West Coast IPA, it’s pretty gentle. West coasters have a reputatuon for being as big and harsh as humanly possible. Summadayze is smoother and softer, with the beer more focused on the nice citrus flavors coming from Colombus, Cascade, and Nugget hops rather than bitterness.

There are light traces of malt sweetness from the American 2 Row, Marris Otter, and White Wheat malts. Basically, it’s as bright and sunny as a summer day in Florida should be, without too much gigantic bitterness.

It’s a good thing. And now that it’s being canned by Darwin, it will be easier to take and enjoy at the beach.

While you jam out to Seals and Croft. You know you want to.

Drink Florida Craft,




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