Brew Review – Golden Cider by Accomplice Brewery

It’s official, Palm Beach County is getting a cidery. It looks like it’ll be pretty good, too.

At this point, I’m pretty familiar with the majority of Florida breweries represented at the recent Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest. All except one, Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks in West Palm Beach. They started production and distribution less than a month ago, and were celebrating their first order from Brown Distribution.

According to the creatively titled Senior Warden Matt Stetson, they’ll be going about things a little differently. First of all, cider production is happening now, with a tasting room to open in November. Next year, they will start brewing gluten-free beers to accommodate fellow warden/co-owner Felonice Merriman. Finally, in 2017 they will start producing wine and spirits. All of this fits in nicely with Matt’s extensive sommelier training and wine industry experience.

The other interesting thing about Accomplice Brewing is their kegging policy. They won’t keg a cider until it’s been ordered. This keeps the cider from hanging around in a cooler too long.

At the Beer Fest, Accomplice brought in one of their signature ciders, Golden Cider (Cider, 4.1% ABV), introducing themselves to the SoFla craft beer community.

Golden Cider by Accomplice Brewing

Golden Cider by Accomplice Brewing

The freshness Matt spoke about is clearly evident in the cider. All you really taste is fresh apples, not an artificially enhanced, candy-style apple flavor. It’s slightly dry, very crisp, and nicely effervescent.

As a first release into the South Florida beer market, Accomplice will make a great name for themselves with a relatively untapped product line.

Even if their name reminds me of an episode of Lockup.

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