Brewpub Visit – Sarasota Brewing Co.

Sarasota Brewing is one of Sarasota’s oldest brewers. Since 1989, Brewmaster Vince and his team have been making a lineup of 5 core beers, plus a large selection of seasonals.

It definitely looks like it’s been around a long time. Inside, it’s an interesting mix of old school 70’s style architecture and German bierhaus. Sarasota Brewing has an extensive mug club, and those mugs are all over the restaurant.

Much of their brewing equipment has gorgeous copper plating, and has nice picture windows for a great on-stage look.

The food’s pretty good, too, with a nice selection of Chicago-style pizzas (of which there just isn’t enough of).

Like I said, they had a good selection of standard beers. I didn’t try them, since I had already tried a good amount of beers earlier in the day, so I settled with one, a coffee Red ale called Red Java Laga (6% ABV, 24 IBU).

It has French Roast coffee. If you can’t taste that coffee flavor, then you might need to look into a tongue replacement. It’s huge, and our server even warned me about it. It’s delicious, but the coffee flavor is huge.

It also tends to overpower the roasted malt flavors in what is a pretty looking beer with a deep reddish color. If you taste very closely, there is a slight hint of caramel malt flavor. But it’s mostly about the coffee.

My wife had their root beer, as in standard, non-alcoholic. While it was good, there was a slight tang to it, almost as if it were brewed with artificial sweetner.

As a restaurant, the food is good and the beer was excellent. Now if it weren’t so far away, I would try to get back more. Sigh…

Drink Florida Craft,


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