Brew Review – Wynweizen by Wynwood Brewing

For a brewery that has made such a big impact in South Florida Craft Beer with it’s porter, Miami’s Wynwood Brewing can sure make a fantastic light beer.

Light as in hue, not flavor. It’s what happens when they brew Wynweizen (Kristallweizen, 4.3% ABV, 12 IBU).

Wynweizen by Wynwood Brewing

Wynweizen by Wynwood Brewing

It’s a Kristallweizen, which is a fancy term for a hefeweizen that’s been filtered. This takes out all of the hazy cloudiness of your traditional wheat beer and leaves the light, sweet goodness. It still have that golden straw color, but now you can see through it.

It’s also a fairly good wheat beer anyway, with the light fruitiness that so many good weizens have, without becoming syrupy or sugary. There’s a light, mellow sweetness to the beer, and it stays crisp and refreshing.

Wynwood is gaining serious traction in South Florida. It’s good to see how big, and how talented, they are growing, and to see their beers getting a lot of distribution.

Drink Florida Craft,



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