Brew Review – Chocolate Coconut Porter by Devour Brewing

Some weeks ago, when my wife and I went to visit Chip and Tricia at the newly opened Devour Brewing in Boynton Beach, they mentioned Devour would be coming to the Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest.

Chip even had the list of beers that were going to be featured at the event. Of those beers, the one that instantly piqued my interest was his Chocolate Coconut Porter (Porter, 5.7% ABV, 26 IBU).


It was worth the wait. And the man knows how to porter.

Any good porter needs to be surprisingly light, and this CCP is all that and more. It’s buoyant but incredibly dark, with a beautifully dark color and a heady aroma of roast malt.

When you drink it, it has a silky, velvety smoothness to the beer. There’s a great balance of the cocoa, malt, and just a hint of coconut. Nothing is too strong. Everything tends to work well in harmony.

It was a fantastic porter, and I love me some porters. Chip, please keep this one in heavy rotation. It’s well worth it.

And don’t make me wait, okay?

Drink Florida Craft,



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