Brew Review – Edenboc by M.I.A. Brewing

I am convinced the brewers at M.I.A. Brewing in Doral are robots. I don’t think they sleep much, if at all, since they keep pushing out great beer release after great beer release.

And thankfully those beers don’t all have to be fruity sours or hop bomb IPAs, either. M.I.A. Can brew a great dark beer with the best of them. One of their best selling dark beers, for good reason, is Edenboc (Doppelbock, 7.9% ABV).

Edenboc by MIA Brewing

Edenboc by MIA Brewing

The beer is the closer to what I expect a milk stout to look like than most milk stouts. And it’s got that light, creamy feel to it, along with a touch of sweetness.

But don’t expect all milkshake, either. It’s got a heavy roast malt character with plenty of flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate, with maybe a brown sugar kick.

It has a lot of character, very little happiness, and a lot of delicious, delightful maltiness. It’s warm and inviting.

Just like how robots aren’t. I just hope brewer Piero doesn’t have laser eyes or something. If you do, Piero, I’m sorry for revealing your secrets.

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