Brew Review – Midnight Marauder by Due South Brewing

There’s something about saying the words Black IPA that bring up a very interesting mental image of pirates, or zombies, or something dark and scary.

And while there are a few people at Boynton Beach’s Due South Brewing that I could tease using that exact description, I am going to resist the obvious temptation and go straight for Due South’s latest can release, an interesting Black IPA by the not-scary at all name of Midnight Marauder (Black IPA, 7.7% ABV, 50 IBU).

Midnight Marauder by Due South Brewing

Midnight Marauder by Due South Brewing

The best part of all is the name has nothing to do with scary at all. It’s a reference to the classic album by A Tribe Called Quest. Just like the band for which it’s an homage, the beer is quite deep, talented, and wonderful.

It is nice and dark, brewed with Carafe malts and roasted barley, so there’s a wonderfully rick, heavy roast quality to the beer. That is balanced with one of the more flavor-forward hoppings I’ve had in an IPA of any kind. The hops went more for the floral bouquet and less of the insane bitterness some brewers want.

What you get at the end is a moderately hoppy, nuanced, and varied range of flavors that blend quite nicely together. It’s a great time.

Then again, so was most early 90’s hip-hop…

Drink Florida Craft,



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