Interview – Corey Artanis, 3 Sons Brewing

3 Sons Brewing, based out of Davie, is making a tidy name for themselves on the Florida craft beer scene, going so far as to win Best Brewery at Cigar City’s recent Hunahpu Day festivities in Tampa earlier this year.

As of right now, 3 Sons is without a facility of their own. Instead, head brewer Corey Artanis makes the 2-hour drove from Davie to Naples to brew at The Brass Tap and their 2-barrel system.

I recently sat down with him to discuss home brewing, the frustration of finding a facility, and the joy of a good steak.

I have to start with this, how did you get the name 3 Sons?

I have three sons at home. My wife actually came up with the name before I did a beer release event at Tap 42.

So, what’s your brewing background?

I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. After high school I joined the military and was stationed at Ft. Lewis in Washington. That’s where I really started drinking a lot of craft beer.

How did that move into homebrewing?

My roommate in the military was from Idaho, and I went home with him one weekend. This was back in 2000. It was this beautiful lake village, really small, everyone knew everyone. His dad was a home brewer, and grilled up these magnificent porterhouse steaks that he served with his own beer. I had no idea you could make beer at home.

After the military, I ended up moving to Florida around 2006. That’s when I bought my first home brewing kit. I mainly brewed for big family events. I did a beer for my sister’s wedding, with custom labels on the bottle and everything. I brewed one for my own wedding, too.

Around 2011, I hooked up with a bottle sharing club. They had two rules. One, you couldn’t bring anything you could find in a local store. two, you could bring home-brews. I had one beer, it was a clone of Last Snow, that I brought to my first meeting. They all really liked it.

And from there you started getting the word out, right?

One of the people at Tap 42 in Ft. Lauderdale set up an event for my second beer, Pumpkin Spice Latte. I had to think of a name quickly, and that’s when my wife suggested 3 Sons. my cousin is a graphic designer that quickly did a logo for the event. I ended up getting outstanding feedback from that event and from others, like OTC in Miami.

How did you get involved in Hunahpu Day?

I found out about the Hunahpu Day event, so I went to Cigar City with some of my beers. They liked it and invited me to the event in 2013. I continued to do the events, but this past year they also did voting where people could vote for things like Best Beer and Best Brewery. I completely forgot about it, until someone ran up to me telling me I had won.

So when does your tasting room open?

Well, we had our eye on two locations in Davie, but with one the price got jacked up at the last minute, and the other one was sold out from under us. I think it’s becoming condos.

That’s why you’re brewing at Brass Tap?

Yeah. The one in Naples has a 2 barrel system. There’s one that will be opening in Ft. Lauderdale, next to Mellow Mushroom, that will have a 2-barrel system as well. Once it opens, I’ll be brewing there. Tueowner’s son has been apprenticing under me in Naples; he’ll take over brewing there.

And you’ll keep looking for a facility? Are there any cities that give you problems about wanting to be there?

All cities would love to have a brewery. The biggest obstacle is finding the correct zone for a brewery. You need one that is zoned for light manufacturing, and that generally means warehouses. So you have to find a warehouse that has enough parking to legally support the warehouse, and you need even more parking if there’s a tasting room.

Where would you like to be located?

I’m trying to find the right place close to the highway. I’d like to get my beer out there; try to increase the beer scene in South Florida. There just aren’t enough breweries.

Are you concerned there’s going to be an eventual backlash to the craft beer scene?

There will be a bubble, but we’re not there yet. We still need to increase beer awareness. Right now, craft beer is associated with getting drunk, doing keg stands. People are just now starting to approach beer the same way they approach wine.

Is there a lot of support for you to open soon?

The support is unbelievable. I get phone calls, emails every week wanting to know when we’re going to open. I’ll get emails, even from countries like Norway and Sweden, wanting to know how to get my beer.

I started in 2006, and it’s hard for me to grasp that I’m getting paid to do what I love.

3 Sons beers, under the Brass Tap name, can be found at select Brass Tap bars across Florida.

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