Brew Review – Wahoo Blue by Crazy Dingo Brewing

I am particularly fond of Florida breweries that use Florida culture and Florida history when it comes to brewing and celebrating their beers. One of those breweries that I’ve seen do it a lot, especially on Instagram, is Crazy Dingo Brewing from Ft. Myers.

They have a number of beers based on Florida’s rich cultural heritage. Some celebrate people like famous cattle rancher Jacob Summerlin, while others pay tribute to the massive shell mounds left behind by ancient tribes.

I was happily contacted by Stu Paache, one half of Crazy Dingo and owner of the slightly nuts Australian Sheep Dog from which the brewery got its name and logo. Crazy Dingo is still in the funding stages, and has a GoFundMe page, but he was nice enough to send me a sampler of some of what Crazy Dingo is doing at festivals in and around Southwest Florida.

The first beer of theirs I had was named for one of Florida’s favorite sports: sportfishing. And the Atlantic Wahoo, also called ono in Hawaii, is well regarded and highly prized in the sportfishing communities.

It’s fast, it’s strong, and apparently it’s very delicious. I donvt know, I’ve never had it. Somehow I doubt it tastes like the blueberry wheat ale Stu brewed and gave the name of Wahoo Blue (Wheat Ale, 4.8% ABV).


What’s amazing is the strength of the blueberry. It’s not like some other beers where there’s a light whiff of possibly artificial blueberry-esque flavor.

Smelling Wahoo Blue is like going to the farmer’s market, grabbing a pint of blueberries, smashing it against your face, and inhaling as deeply as you can. The aroma is that grandiose and smells fantastic.

That insane blueberry is layered onto a sharp, snappy wheat ale. It’s not soft and sugary, but a little bubbly and bold enough to keep the beer from becoming like a blueberry pie.

It was a great first outing with Crazy Dingo Brewing. There’s more where that came from, so I’m really looking forward to it.

But I’ll let someone else do the fishing.

Drink Florida Craft,



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