Brew Review – Chocolate Covered Cherry Porter by Funky Buddha

It has been a really, really long time since I’ve written about Funky Buddha. That’s actually funny, since they are now everywhere are found me. Pretty much every grocery store I go to has at least one box of Floridian and Hop Gun, so there’s not a shortage.
It’s finding the beers I haven’t tried yet that gets a little difficult. And finding Funky Buddha porters I haven’t tried yet gets even more difficult, especially since I love their porters.
And I finally got one, and one I really liked: Chocolate Covered Cherry (Porter, 6.5% ABV, 35 IBU).
Chocolate Covered Cherry Porter by Funky Buddha

Chocolate Covered Cherry Porter by Funky Buddha

The odds are strong (no pun intended) that this starts out as a treatment of O.P. Porter, and I don’t care, since I love that beer. I loved this beer, too. It’s a fantastic base porter, with a reasonably strong but not overly harsh roasted flavor. There’s moderate notes of coffee and some light chocolate, which is greatly accentuated by the real chocolate they added.
I would also love to know how they got the cherry flavor, but it’s wonderful. It’s not really a candy cherry flavor, but a very strong fresh, produce-section cherry. It’s not sugary, but has a deep sweetness that mixes wonderfully with the malt.
It’s beers like this that really make me love what Funky Buddha does with their dark beers. Sure, love their standard bottles all you want, I am sticking with their porters.
I just have to find another new one.
Drink Florida Craft,

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