Brew Review – Pop’s Porter by Wynwood Brewing

But wait, you may say, didn’t you review Pop’s Porter (Porter, 6.2% ABV, 40 IBU) already?

Yes. Yes I did, but it was a part of a much larger visit to Wynwood Brewing when the blog (and my talent as a blogger) was still in its infancy. Since that time, Pop’s Porter has won gold at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, has gotten almost complete distribution in South Florida, and has just been released in six packs from Wynwood’s new bottling line.

So, let’s take a look at one of the reigning champs of Miami beer, shall we?

Pop's Porter by Wynwood Brewing

Pop’s Porter by Wynwood Brewing

What’s remarkable is that the reigning king is a porter. Miami’s beer scene has been built on sours and IPA’s, beers that pair well with bright fruity flavors and drink easily on hot, summer days.

Porters do neither. Pop’s is no exception. Named for Wynwood Brewing co-founder Luis Brignoni Sr., this porter is very dark and somewhat chewy, with giant coffee and dark, roasty malt flavors.

It’s a robust porter; there will be heavier, bolder flavors than a standard porter. As such, it seems there’s a bit stronger hop presence in the beer, and the bitterness tends to be more overly pronounced.

But it’s a strong, flavorful, and complex brew, well worth being the signature of Wynwood Brewing. As I mentioned, 6-pack bottles are going out now, so it will be easy to pick some up without having to drive all the way to Miami.

Or anywhere else it is served, which is starting to become everywhere.

Drink Florida (gold medal winning) Craft,





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