Brew Review – Baltizar by MIA Brewing

The best I can check, the name Baltizar refers to a Brazilian soccer player, a Belgian indie band, several hundred fictional characters, or even a 12-liter bottle of wine. MIA Brewing is good for truly obscure names like that.

It’s also good for beer, and they’ve shown that they can master pretty much any style. Up next on the list of beers for them to knock out of the park was the Baltic porter known as Baltizar (Baltic Porter, 7% ABV).

Baltizar by MIA Brewing

Baltizar by MIA Brewing

I’m generally not the biggest fan of Baltic Porters, since they tend to be overly hoppy and chewy, a lot like motor oil. Baltazar wasn’t. Not brutal at all. Instead, it was linger and drinkable like a classic porter, with a soft blankety mouthfeel and a light, buoyant malt character.

The best part was all almost fruity, wine-like tang to the beer. It wasn’t bright and sweet, but very soft, effervescent, and tasty. It’s as if they added grape must to the beer (which has been known to happen) or if they fermented the beer with a traditional hefeweizen yeast.

Regardless, I found a Baltic Porter I can come back to repeatedly. It’s not aggressive at all, but very, very flavorful.

And comes with a bit of an identity crisis, apparently.

Drink Florida Craft,



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