The standard test of a Florida brewery is probably the IPA. I’m pretty sure the state requires an IPA of each new brewery before they’re legally allowed to open.
But that lasts only until fall, at which time the next great brewing test comes around: the pumpkin beer. No brewery is exempt, even new ones like Pompano Beach’s Bangin’ Banjo Brewing.
They were clearly on point, since they were ready with Country Faire Pumpkin Porter (Porter, 5.9% ABV).
Country Faire Pumpkin Porter by Bangin' Banjo Brewing

Country Faire Pumpkin Porter by Bangin’ Banjo Brewing

Already, I’m happy. It’s a porter, and a moderately deep one at that. It has a great, rich, roasted malt flavor, but it isn’t heavy or syrupy. It has a great, creamy head and a wonderful aroma of coffee.
When it comes to the pumpkin, however, they decided to forego the spices and head straight to using copious amounts of actual pumpkin. Using pumpkin in a pumpkin beer is sorta risky, as the natural gourd flavor can be easily overpowered by the rest of the beer. This beer comes a tad close, but the pumpkin is there, giving the beer a rounded, meaty flavor (especially as the beer warms up).
It’s a welcome addition to fall and a great submission to an almost mandatory style of beer.
Let’s see what happens during Thanksgiving. No turkey beer, please.
Drink Florida Craft,

Brew Review – Country Faire Pumpkin Porter by Bangin’ Banjo Brewing

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