Brew Review – Brew’s Banner by Coppertail Brewing

I would hope you can see the Incredible Hulk reference.

And if you think of that particular Jekyll & Hyde story, it makes sense as to why Coppertail Brewing in Tampa chose it as an inspiration for rheir bomber release of Brew’s Banner (Imperial IPA, 10.2% ABV).

Brew's Banner by Coppertail Brewing

Brew’s Banner by Coppertail Brewing

On the Hulk side, this beer is huge. It comes in at over 10% alcohol, which is nuts. It’s easy to feel it, too.

Plus, as an IPA, there’s a massive hop presence. It’s got a wonderfully bright, citrusy aroma. That aroma blends with a moderate, sweet, fruity flavor on the beer.

The Bruce Banner (get it now?) side manages to mask that with a soft, very unassuming quality that makes the beer taste and drink like a session pale ale. It’s deceptive, and it requires a bit of an explanation as to why you really can’t drink 5 pints of this in one sitting.

It’s also very low when it comes to harshness. Most Imperial IPAs fight your taste buds like a late night kung-fu movie. This beer didn’t. It’s very welcoming, and without an overly aggressive quality.

The beer has a strange dichotomy to it, but it leads to a satisfying brew. And with this one, you don’t have to turn into a giant brute, either.

Lou Ferrigno would be proud.

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