Brew Review – Stowaway Session IPA by Black Point Brewing

Unless you win the lottery or are incredibly savvy at the stock market, quite a few new breweries tend to follow this pattern:

1 – Make great beers.
2 – Present beers at beer festivals.
3 – Attract investors.
4 – Money, y’all.

I’ve reported on a lot of breweries that are between steps 2 and 4, but rarely hit on anyone still just crafting their core beers. Until I spoke to Luis Suarez, building the brand for his Black Point Brewing.

He’s based out of South Miami (Kendall, to be exact). The name of the brewery comes from the South Miami area restaurant where he first took his wife when they started dating, which is extraordinarily sweet. He still has his 9-5, but is hoping to start hitting the beerfest circuit soon.

He’s worth a follow on Instagram to take a look at what he’s brewing. I did, and after an errant comment I made, we met up one day so I could snag a bottle of his Stowaway Session IPA (IPA, 4.8% ABV, 42 IBU).

Stowaway Session IPA by Black Point Brewing

Stowaway Session IPA by Black Point Brewing

This is the real deal, people. Itvs rare that I can easily rave about an IPA, but I can about Stowaway. It pours a nice hazy gold and has a nice, light head. The aroma is unmisteakeably citrus IPA, with big, bright fruity notes.

With the flavor, it’s remarkable that Luis managed to make a beer with all of the wonderfully juicy citrus notes, but is low in bitterness. It’s not aggressive at all. It’s inviting, and shows off the hops to great effect without becoming a challenge.

Keep an eye out for him. Hopefully you’ll be able to see him in South Florida festivals in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll be watching Instagram, too.

Drink Florida Craft,

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