Brew Review – Arcus IPA by Big Storm Brewing

Hooray for researching blog posts!

So an arcus cloud is a low cloud or cloud formation that is perpendicular to the ground. And they look pretty cool, too. Some arcus clouds are a predictor that a big storm is coming soon.

Arcus (IPA, 6.9% ABV, 81 IBU) is also an IPA from Pasco County’s Big Storm Brewing. Big Storm. Arcus. I’m nothing if I don’t want for symmetry in my writing.

Arcus IPA by Big Storm Brewing

Arcus IPA by Big Storm Brewing

As you can see, the gorgeous can art matches the beautiful golden honey color of the beer. It’s just a touch darker than many other IPAs I’ve seen.

Arcus is novel in IPAs that I’ve tried in that they use local honey in the brewing of the beer, along with American 2-row pale ale malt. That actually does a lot for the beer. On the whole, Arcus is a classic, quintessential IPA. It’s big and hoppy, with the bright citrusy flavors and floral aromas that good hop bombs always have. But the honey brings some of the bite down a touch, while adding a darker, more mature sweetness to the beer.

In the end, Arcus is a pretty cloud formation AND an excellent Florida IPA.

And I write goofy blog posts.

Drink Florida Craft,




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