Brew Review – Pretty Please by 3 Sons

If you don’t like a gose, that might be understandable. But get used to them being around; they are light, blend easily with fruit, and are low in alcohol.

The perfect Florida summer beer, basically.

I’m actually quite fond of them, and it was nice to see that 3 Sons Brewing was able to brew one with Brass Tap in Naples. The name is slightly odd, though. I mean, Pretty Please (Gose, 4.2% ABV).

Pretty Please by 3 Sons-Brass Tap Naples

Pretty Please by 3 Sons-Brass Tap Naples

The color, first off, is incredible. It’s a beautifully deep, rich golden orange color, almost sunset-esque. Much higher than the beer is, which is perfect. Part of that is due to the addition of cherries, which brings a deeper sweetness to the beer which was already strong in citrus tartness from the hops and sour yeast used.

Your standard gose is brewed with salt water, and this beer had just a light salty touch that blended expertly with the fruit flavors as well. Sure, the tartness was close to being like a candy, but the beer overall was more sour and puckering than it was Willy Wonka.

Corey Artanis, the genius behind 3 Sons, has done a well crafted and nicely balanced job with this gose. It’s sweet, tart, citrusy, sour, but still deep and refreshing.

It’s also a little goofy to order.

Drink Florida Craft,



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