Otoño by Hialeah Brewing

Otoño means fall! I learned a new word today!

That’s the difficulty of being a beer blogger in Florida and not knowing any Spanish. Sometimes beers get names you simply can’t describe. At least this beer wasn’t as difficult to translate as the last beer from Hialeah Brewing I reviewed. 

I probably shouldn’t mention that I only discovered that the word means fall because it was plastered all over the door of a Starbucks, but there you go.

And come to think of it, Otoño (Brown Ale, 5% ABV) would be right at home with the rest of Starbucks’ fall menu. 

Otona by Hialeah Brewing

Otona by Hialeah Brewing

It’s a brown ale, so right off the bat, it has a warm, nutty feel to it. That artificial malt nuttiness is accentuated with the real nut sweetness of hazelnut. That addition comes over hugely on the aroma, bringing a wonderful roasted quality out of the brew. 

There’s an almost cake-like sweetness to the beer. It’s silky smooth and richly creamy, with a nice warming kick that is perfect for what I imagine fall is like in other places that actually have the season. 

Hialeah Brewing is going to be at Grovetoberfest on the 17th, which is (so far) the only place you’ll be able to find their beers. Hopefully we can get them into a brewing facility soon. 

And hire a translator or two. 

Drink FLorida Craft,





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