Wynwood Brown by Wynwood Brewing

As some of you may have read, the craft beer industry is having a bit of a problem when it comes to beer names. Heck, some breweries in Florida have had to change the names of some of their beloved beers because out of state breweries have threatened to sue. 

I’m looking at you, Michigan.

So, you either make like Fall Out Boy and have a beer name that’s a page and a half long, or you do like Wynwood Brewing
and name your Wynwood Brown (English Brown Ale, 5.1% ABV, 25 IBU) after yourself. 

Wynwood Brown Nitro by Wynwood Brewing

Wynwood Brown Nitro by Wynwood Brewing

I definitely love English Brown Ales since they tend to be, on the whole, guaranteed softer and less hoppy that some American browns. Wynwood Brown is no exception. The glorious head on the beer in the picture above is courtesy of the nitro tap they had dedicated to the beer. 

It’s worth it, too. The nitro treatment brings out a lot of the warm, sweet, meaty nut flavors the dark malts always bring out. This is the best part of a brown ale, that chewy, warm sweetness with hints of toffee and maybe just a touch of coffee. 

Hops are kept low and noble, so there aren’t any brutal alpha acids getting in the way of a richly satisfying beer. The beer is naturally smooth and velvety, and the nitro doesn’t hurt, either. 

It’s a wonderful example of a wonderful style, and this beer would be easily sessionable. You may need to as well, especially if you have to brainstorm beer names like Purple Monkey Dishwasher. 

Which I am sure has been taken already. 

Drink Florida Craft,


P.S. Yep. Some brewery in PA took that name…   



One thought on “Wynwood Brown by Wynwood Brewing

  1. Man that name was so crazy i had to look it up. Sure enough that name is taken. You could go the George Foreman route and name them all George or variations on that.
    Dibs on Larry and the numbering them consecutively.
    Larry 1 blonde
    Larry 2 brown
    Its gonna work


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