Trapeze Monk by Big Top Brewing

The best part is between the time I bought this beer and the time I sampled this beer, they changed the can on me. Now, my Gulf Coast readers need to look for this:


Let’s break this down just a bit:

This beer is a Belgian style witbier.
Belgian beers are traditionally brewed by Belgian monks.
This Belgian beer was brewed by Big Top Brewing.
Big Top Brewing is in Sarasota.
Sarasota was home to Ringling Bros. Circus.
Hence, Trapeze Monk (Witbier, 5.1% ABV).

I expected them to use a fat, happy, old monk. Instead I got a Shaolin monk, the kind you see doing insane martial arts stuff at the age of 4. Because apparently Sarasota is just one big Mortal Kombat tournament.

Those darn Sarasota ninjas.

Trapeze Monk by Big Top Brewing

Trapeze Monk by Big Top Brewing

I must digress. I’m in an odd mood today, and this beer deserves much better. This is classic, textbook, wit. As perfect as one can get.

A witbier, and Florida has it’s fair share, is a light wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel. The color should be a beautifully hazy light orange. Badically, what you see above.

The flavor is light and crisp. The orange is not sweet, but playfully buoyant on a sea of effervescent wheat softness. There’s a bit more carbonation in this, it seems, and that helps keep the beer fresh and airy.

Beerwise, it’s fantastic. Light and perfect, a great example of the varietal.

Just watch out for those Sarasota ninjas.

Drink Florida Craft,


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