Brew Review – Wyntoberfest by Wynwood Brewing

Miami’s not exactly known for it’s fall colors, if you know what I mean. It’s more of a summer city. That is, unless trees tend to change colors from green to vivid pink and yellow.

That doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate fall, right?

If we’re going to talk about fall in craft beer, we’re talking about Oktoberfest. And if we’re going to talk about craft beer in Miami, we’re talking about Wynwood Brewing.

And if we have to combine everything, then the beer you are talking about is Wyntoberfest (Marzen, 5.5% ABV).


Wyntoberfest by Wynwood Brewing

Wyntoberfest is as ‘fall’ a beer as Miami is as ‘fall’ a city. Basically, it’s not chewy, it’s not heavy, and it’s good. It needs to be just a bit lighter, and the Wynwood crew does it to great effect. There’s a beautiful moderate orange color, letting a malty sweet flavor come through.

But it doesn’t overpower. It’s a touch of malt, not a dunking of syrup. You get the flavor of fall in an immensely sessionable ale that won’t weigh you down.

For a city known for cuban coffees and tres leches, it’s great to see a good, classic, drinkable Oktoberfest in Wynwood. It’s classically fall in a city known more for limes than lederhosen.

But tell me you wouldn’t want to see Pitbull performing in Munich… I’d pay to see that.

Drink Florida Craft,



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