Brew Review – Octo-Festbier by Saltwater Brewery

I love how octopi are the hot new animal to have cutesy things made out of. Octopus plushies, octopus jewelry, octopus coffee mugs. My daughter has a painting of an octopus with a top hat in her bathroom and she’s not complaining.

Mind you, she’s 6 weeks old and can’t talk, but I think she loves it anyway.

This brings me to Delray’s fishing-crazy Saltwater Brewery. There’s always some sort of fish or fishing reference to their beers. So when it comes time to brew a yearly Oktoberfest beer, what sea creature can you possibly think of to name the beer after?

If you said something like ‘pilot whale,’ just go away and sit in the corner and think about what you did.

Octopus, of course. It’s a natural, and you can give it a cute, non-calamari name like Octo-Festbier (Marzen, 6.13% ABV).


This is a nice, caramel and bready beer. It’s what I like so much about the style. There’s the classic, fall-traditional orange color to the beer that belies a brew heavy with Munich and Victory malts.

There’s a light effervescence to it, but it’s not too terribly light. Technically speaking, a traditional Marzen has to be at least 6% alcohol, and Octo had the highest of the Oktoberfest beers available at New Times Beerfest last weekend.

So I love octopi, I love fall beers, I like the beer Saltwater makes for South Florida, and there’s no reason not to enjoy all three put together.

Maybe they can make Pilot Whale their Russian Imperial Stout or something…

Drink Florida Craft,



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