Brew Review – Lordy Gourdy by Lauderale

Basic white girls of the world, unite!

Ah, pumpkin season. Which means it’s time for pumpkin beers. But what do you brew? Actual pumpkin or pumpkin spices?

Lauderale didn’t choose. They did both. And the more pumpkin of the two is the interestingly named Lordy Gourdy (Pumpkin Beer, 5.6% ABV, 29 IBU).


The remarkable thing about this beer is what Lauderale brewmaster Kyle added: hops. A copious amount of floral, high-alpha hops. It’s something that most pumpkin spice half whip frapuccino soy chai drink thing beers don’t go for.

What’s really remarkable is how well the hops accentuate and bring out the meaty qualities of the pumpkin. It’s a very mature, rounded flavor that may have a hint of spices, but nothing nearly as cartoonish as dumping a tun of nutmeg into the mash. Keep in mind, Lauderale did do a porter like that; hopefully I’ll be able to review it soon.

It’s also a good deal brighter than your normal quality craft pumpkin ale, which I’ve noticed tends to be either a porter or brown ale. There’s a beautiful deep orange color to the beer, which serves to make the drinking experience that much more enjoyable.

Sure, pumpkin beers may be passe, but try a new twist on the varietal. You have noting to lose but your biases!

Did anyone get those references?

Drink Florida Craft,



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