Brew Review – Berry Cider by Accomplice Brewing

The thing I like the best about West Palm Beach’s Accomplice Brewery, other than the whole prison thing, is that their ciders are clean. Most of the time, mass produced ciders come across as tasting like apple juice-flavored sparkling malt beverage.

Nope. Not here. Doing that at Accomplice gets you 10 years in the slammer (that is easily the most horrendous joke I have ever written and I’d like to apologize to everyone reading this for making it).

Ah, but ciders are not just for apple. Of course they’re going to play with the recipe a bit and release yummy goodness like their Berry Cider (Cider, 4.1% ABV).


It’s just so remarkably crisp and dry. Their ciders are just so refreshing and never cloyingly sweet at all. they’re buoyant and effervescent, to be sure, but never syrupy.

The berry flavor is present and gives the cider a great, tangy dimension. It doesn’t give the cider too much color, so don’t expect some bizarre pink concoction.

The only thing arresting is the great flavor (I swear I’m done. I’m so sorry).

Drink Florida Craft,




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