Brew Review – Raspberry Quad by Barrel of Monks

When you’re at a beer festival, please read the signage. It’s for your safety.

So maybe it was the excitement of another beer festival, or maybe it was seeing Phil wearing his now trademark heavy monk robes on a balmy Florida evening, but I made sort of a fatal error when visiting Boca’s Barrel of Monks at the New Times Beerfest in Ft. Lauderdale.

Knowing this is October, and knowing October is breast cancer awareness month, Barrel of Monks brewed a raspberry witbier. And that’s what I thought they brought. It even said raspberry. I even tuned Phil out and dove right in.

Not a wit. Instead, he brought Raspberry Quadrophonic (10.5 % ABV, 32 IBU).

Basically, it’s like biting into a pretzel rod and discovering you have a tire iron.


Quadrophonic is their Belgian quadrupel, a beer and style well known for a very heavy alcohol content and high malty sweetness. It’s a beer to chew through, and the style sometimes gets syrupy, although Barrel of Monks’ variety is rarely so.

That dark, weighty sweetness is wonderfully accentuated with a slight tart candy quality from fresh raspberries. It sweet, but a little deeper and more meaty than, say, a soft drink. It’s quite delicious, but I sure wouldn’t want to try to session this beer.

Heck, apparently I can’t read signs at the beginning of a beer event. How am I supposed to be cognizant after two of these?

Drink Florida Craft,


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