Brew Review – Jodi’s Bananas Pale Ale by Bangin’ Banjo Brewing @banginbanjobrew #florida #craftbeer

Bananas. Seriously, bananas. I never thought I’d see the day that I was reviewing a beer with bananas.

Leave it to Pompano’s Bangin’ Banjo Brewing to force my hand when it comes to that.

I also have no idea who their Jodi is, but the beer she lends her name to, Jodi’s Bananas Pale Ale (Pale/Red Ale, 5.3% ABV, 34 IBU), does her justice, I would assume.

It’s an interesting beer, in that there’s a lot happening with it. It’s sort of a pale ale, with a moderate hop profile and a light, but noticeable  bitterness that isn’t standoffish at all. But it’s also an amber ale, with a mellow, wonderful bready sweetness and malt character.

However, bananas. And not just bananas, but light cinnamon spice and vanilla meatiness get mixed in as well. Yes, it’s sweet, but it’s not syrupy. It’s very mellow and creamy, and the hops tend to undercut a bit of the potential sweetness overload.

Don’t knock it. It’s worth a try, and could be used as a great way to bring an otherwise apprehensive person into pale ales.

Or you can wait for some other strange beer flavor, like Swedish Fish, what do I know?

Drink Florida Craft,



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