Brew Review – Mango IPA by Hollywood Brewing #florida #craftbeer

A long time ago, I visited Hollywood Organic Brewery. It’s a little piece of brewpub awesomeness right on Hollywood beach. And I do mean right on the beach.

Between then and now, however, there was a big changeover at the brewery. New owners, new recipes, new shorter name, and a new production/bottling facility for them about 15 or so miles away.

They have two bottles that are available in the area, and they’re starting to distribute kegs as well. All of this is quite a change from the Hollywood Brewery of yore.

And the first beer that is being massively distributed is their Mango IPA (IPA).


It’s a good, solid beer. It’s a solid, slightly more orange color than a standard IPA, and beautifully opaque.

In terms of flavor, there’s not a huge, overly brutal hoppiness, thankfully. There’s a great floral bouquet to the hops, to be sure, but it’s not monumentally brutal. It’s soft but noticeably bitter. And the mango, with a soft, unassuming sweetness, brings a mellow rounded completion to the flavor of the beer.

Yes, I will have more from them. Be patient. But know that you don’t have to go to the beach anymore to get a good brew from them.

Not that I’m going to stop you or anything.

Drink Florida Craft,



2 thoughts on “Brew Review – Mango IPA by Hollywood Brewing #florida #craftbeer

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