Ancient Brew Review – Barrel Aged Muy Bonita by Funky Buddha

If this post is selfish, I apologize. Part of why I write the blog is sort of a long-term digital diary of what I’ve had brewing-wise.

That being said, This was some great stuff. And i have no idea if or when it’ll ever be seen again.

To understand the beer for today, you have to understand the relatively common Bonita Applebum from Funky Buddha in Oakland Park. Named after a Tribe Called Quest album, Bonita is a 6.4% ABV brown ale brewed with cinnamon, apples, and vanilla. It’s basically a nice, tall pint glass of apple pie, and (according to their website), it’s on tap right now.

Plus, bonita is beautiful in Spanish. It fits with the beer. How do you plus that?

You age it in apple brandy barrels. Yes, please.

These were released in July on 2014 in a special bottle released under the name of Muy Bonita (Imperial Brown Ale, 10.2% ABV, 30 IBU). I was lucky in that my wife, wonderful and incredible woman that she is, got two bottles. Because she’s amazing. We drank one a few days later. It was incredible.

The other one stayed in storage, maturing and aging in coolness and darkness, and finally getting opened a few days ago.


So, so worth it.

The beer is smooth, rich, and creamy. The apple addition is lightly fruity and is heavily accentuated by a heavy and heady brandy aroma and bite.

The malts are dark and foreboding, but not overly biting. It’s more of a roasted toffee and wood flavors that was imparted, very little brutal, burning flavors.

It’s sweet, to be sure, but not candy sweet. More of a soft, caramely sweetness. More of an apple pie as baked by saints flavor. More of a forget the snifter glass, just give me a straw flavor.

Will that flavor return? Hard to tell. Hopefully I can get good news to share with everyone. I won’t share it immediately, though.

I’ll buy a case; then I’ll let you all know.

Drink Florida Craft,



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