Brew Review – Hop of the Muffin by Bangin’ Banjo Brewing

So, the last time I wrote about Pompano Beach’s Bangin’ Banjo Brewing, I apparently waited too long and the beer I spoke about was already off tap.

This time, not only is today’s beer available, but it’s also available at non-Bangin’ Banjo places. Hooray for timeliness!

Oh, I should probably mention that the beer in question is Hop of the Muffin (IPA, 7% ABV, 63 IBU).

It’s an IPA. Big one, too. The hops hit all the big, resiny, floral notes that IPA drinkers would want and expect from an IPA. There’s a gorgeous, bright orange color and a low to moderate malt sweetness that never overpowers the hops, which is exactly why you’re there.

I promise, I’ll try to be more on-time with my blog posts. In the meantime, you can (according to Bangin’ Banjo’s Instagram account) get Hop of the Muffin at the Coral Springs Brass Tap.

Hopefully it’s still there…

Drink Florida Craft,



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