Brew Review – Evander by Cigar City Brewing

Evander Preston is an artist that lives in the Pass-a-Grille, a sleepy beach town just south of St. Pete beach. He designs jewelry pieces, makes striking art pieces, drinks beer, and looks like one of the guitarists from ZZ Top.

He’s designed work for Jimmy Buffett, collects organs and keyboards, and tools around town in his size 13 Cole Haan shoes.

Since he’s a relative legend in the area, he has actually partnered up with Tampa’s Cigar City twice. The first limited batch was a brown ale bearing his name and artwork. This time, it’s a witbier named, simply, Evander (Witbier, 6% ABV).

Yes, he did the artwork on the bottle. Which is quite interesting and seems to be pretty indicative of his work as an artist.

So’s the beer, I can assume. It’s a witbier, a variety Cigar City is no stranger to. But they added some extra spices to the beer, ones that tend to make the taste of the beer a bit deeper and richer than normal.

Sure, it still has a gorgeous light straw color, and that trademark bubbly feel that sort of tickles your nose. I would love, however, to know what spices they used to give the beer such a different feel.

I’m going to assume there will eventually be a third Evander beer coming soon. I just wonder what it’ll be.

I also wonder if Cigar City will ever do collaborations with beer bloggers. Maybe? Please?

Drink Florida Craft,



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