3 Daughters Brewing releases commemorative Tango Yankee Wheat Ale

This Monday, Nov. 9th, 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg releases Tango Yankee, an American Wheat Ale.

It’s the story behind the beer that is worth mentioning. Tango Yankee is basically military shorthand for ‘thank you,’ and the beer was created to thank military veterans for their hard work and sacrifice in defending America at home and overseas.


Tango Yankee Can artwork. Image courtesy of 3 Daughters Brewing.

This will be a seasonal release, timed to coincide with Veteran’s Day every year. The can design will also be changed each year to honor a different veteran. This year, 3 Daughters stayed within the family to honor Retired Lt. Col. Mike Harting, a 20-year veteran of the Armed Forces and the grandfather of the eponymous 3 Daughters.

Lt. Col. Harting was injured in combat on April 5th, 1966 in Dak To, Vietnam. Years later, while teaching Officer Canditate School, one of his students created a drawing of him being evacuated from the field by a medic.


Ret. Lt. Col. Mike Harting with a 6 pack on Tango Yankee. Image courtesy of 3 Daughters Brewing.

Everyone is encouraged to submit their stories and nominations for future editions of the Tango Yankee can. If there is a veteran you think would be great for next year’s can, email myhero@3dbrewing.

Tango Yankee will be available exclusively at Winn Dixie locations in St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Tampa. There is also going to be a release party on Monday at 5 PM at the brewery in St. Pete. Proceeds of Tango Yankee will benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Hopefully you can pick up a pack and say a rousing ‘Thank You’ to our vets!

Drink Florida Craft,





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