Brew Review – Big Boca Ale by Fat Point Brewing

My wife could have killed me when we travelled 4 hours across the state to buy a beer that I told her was named after the city not too far from us.

I was wrong about that, however. I kinda got tripped up about my languages. Let me explain:

Fat Point Brewing is a brewery in Punta Gorda, which is around Sarasota in southwest Florida. They’ve got a gorgeous 15 bbl system and a new tap room opened in February.


They’re also named after the city they’re in. See, there is a big fat point of land that is plopped out into Charlotte Harbor on the Gulf coast. Since the 1850’s, this piece of land has been identified on maps with the name Fat Point which, in Spanish, is Punta Gorda.

Of course. Armed with that knowledge, I tried to figure out as to why a brewery in Southwest Florida would name their beer Big Boca Ale (California Common, 5% ABV, 39 IBU) after Boca Raton.


But it’s not. There’s the rub. Armed with the Fat Point/Punta Gorda connection, I thought about the name a bit. And I realized that, as many people are wont to argue about, may or may not mean ‘rat’s mouth.’ Because, as that site states, boca means mouth. And there’s a giant mouth on the can.

This beer has nothing to do with Boca Raton. The beer is just Big Boca. And boca means mouth. So the name of this beer is just big mouth.

I have a college degree and I couldn’t figure that out. Sigh…

The beer’s very unassuming and quite tasty, to boot. It’s got a light malty undercurrent from Vienna and Caramel malts on a Pilsner base. In terms of hops, it is, once again, not very prominent, finishing with a light floral kick. 

This is a great starter beer, able to show how craft beer can easily take something that looks macro and deliver quality and flavor whereas the big boys can’t. And it’s a 16 oz. pint can, so I guess you will need a big mouth to finish it all.

As of now it’s the only canned release from Fat Point, and is only available on the southern end of the Gulf Coast of Florida.

And not in Boca Raton at all. Sorry for the confusion, honey…

Drink Florida Craft,



One thought on “Brew Review – Big Boca Ale by Fat Point Brewing

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