Brew Review – C Porter & Monkey Road Red at LauderAle

Ah, Lauderale.

What can’t be said for the awesome little brewery that is reached by almost driving into a security gate at Port Everglades and pulling a U-Turn at the last possible minute?

Plenty. They keep growing in leaps and bounds. I remember visiting them when they only had 4 beers on tap. Now you go and it’s tap handles for days.

Of course, I keep running into them from time to time. Saw them at New Times Beerfest in Ft. Lauderdale, actually. And, as luck would have it, they brought a few beers I haven’t tried yet. Beers such as:


C Porter by Lauderale

C Porter (Porter, 5.5% ABV, 17 IBU) – The C is not for Cookie. It’s also not a clever play for ‘sea’ in regards of how close they are to the ocean. The C, for this beer, is coconut. Lots of it.

I love porters, I love coconut porters, and I love Lauderale’s Port Everglages Porter. So having Brewmaster Kyle take Port Everglades Porter and infuse it with a bright, bubbly kick of coconut is, frankly, wonderful. There’s a lot of coca flavors coming from the roasted porter malts, and the mature flavor of the coconut helps to accentuate it, and reverse as well.

The porter itself is clean and light. Very simple, very drinkable. Something I would love to see on store shelves, hint hint.


Monkey Road Red by Lauderale

Monkey Road Red (Amber Ale, 6.7%, 18 IBU) – It shocks me that this only clocked in as 18 IBUs, to be honest. According to Lauderale, this beer started life as an Irish Red, then got hopped to the brink of becoming a Red IPA.

And truth be told, it feels more like a Red IPA. Okay, maybe more like a Red Pale Ale, but a generous dry-hopping of Simcoe definitely ramps up the hoppy alpha-acid bite of the beer.

And sure, there’s a nice, light caramel undercurrent to the beer from the gorgeous, ruby red malts, but this is a beer for hops. You can almost see the hop cones swimming around. It’s big, floral, and rounded without being excessively brutal.

So there you have it. Two very interesting ends of the brewing spectrum from my friends by the port. I am sure they will be around more, and I’m sure I will be trying more from them. When I do, I’ll let you know.

Unless I get stopped at the security gate.

Drink Florida Craft,



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