Brew Review – Pump Key by Islamorada Beer Co.

Leave it to a brewery in the Keys to make a fantastic pumpkin beer.

Commencing a considerable amount of backtracking now: Islamorada Beer Company is located on the island of, you guessed it, Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Right now, Islamorada is operating a small tap room and pilot brewery there, and contracting out-of-state for their bottle releases.

This will soon change with the opening of their production facility in Ft. Pierce. That’ll just be for production; all of the mad science will still be taking place in the Keys.

And basically you’ll need to go to the keys to get a hold of any of their new recipes. Unless a little birdie just happens to drop a few growlers in your lap one day…

And one of those mystery growlers happened to be the pumpkin beer alluded to earlier, Pump Key (Pumpkin beern 5% ABV, 17 IBU)


Like I said, it’s great. Most pumpkin beers tend to be either only pumpkin meat, and therefore very lightly flavor, or all pumpkin spice, and artificially sweet.

Pump Key, which is not a real island in the keys I might add, strikes a perfect balance between both sides. It’s got a sweetness that comes from a wonderful caramel malt base and touches of cinnamon and nutmeg. That, however, is never allowed to overpower a light, mature pumpkin flavor.

The beer has a great amber-orange color and a gorgeous head that tends to dissipate a little. Hops are kept noble and light, thankfully.

But, like I said, as of right now this is only available at their tap room. On Islamorada. In the Florida Keys.

You have to go to the Florida Keys for a fantastic Pumpkin beer. There could be worse things in life, you know.

Drink Florida Craft,


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