Brew Review – 42 Truths by Funky Buddha Brewery

Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.

– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One of the most influential craft beer bars in the South Florida area has to be Tap 42. There are two locations, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. They both have lengthy tap lists, and weekend brunches where i hear tell of rumors of bottomless drafts of Floridian by Funky Buddha Brewery.

Only that won’t be the most interesting Funky Buddha beer there anymore. The two have teamed up, and today is the day that 42 Truths (Pale Ale, 6% ABV) releases at both the Funky Buddha tap room in Oakland Park and Tap 42 in Ft. Lauderdale. The Boca location will get it on Thursday.

What is it? It’s a pale ale. A very pale ale, but with just a touch of orange thrown in to give it a citrusy, Florida vibe. It’s also quite good, as I discovered during a recent media tasting for Funky Buddha’s new Craft Food Kitchen.

As far as a pale ale, it’s quite approachable. The Northwestern hops provide a slight citrus quality, but they never overpower. Even as far as pale ales go, it’s thankfully never too bitter. Sure, there are hops, but never too many.

Of course, the orange helps to sweeten and cut the hops a bit. This is not an overly sweet beer, though. It’s just the faintest feel of citrus in the beer.

It’s a very refreshing and relatively sessionable pale ale, which is wonderful. It’s only available in a handful of places in South Florida, which may not be so wonderful.

Forsooth, it’s the truth.

Drink Florida Craft,



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