Florida Craft Beer Day – Feb. 15th, 2016 #floridacraftbeerday

We need your help!

On Feb. 15th, 1897, the first Florida owned and operated brewery, Florida Brewing Company, opened in Ybor City, near Tampa.


Florida Brewing Co. Stock photo

While the brewery is no longer in operation, it is the starting point of a long and proud brewing tradition that is enjoyed by thousands of Floridians every day.

Florida beer, however, does not have a holiday, no matter how official, to celebrate the impact it has on the state. To that end, I am hereby declaring that we make Feb. 15th, 2016 the first Florida Craft Beer Day, a day where we all can celebrate the economic, cultural, and societal impact that brewing has made in the Sunshine State.


Please post this on social media, tell your friends, and help get the word out, especially with the hashtag #floridacraftbeerday. I have also created a petition you can sign to get the Florida State legislature to officially recognize Feb. 15th as Florida Craft Beer Day.

Also, Follow FloridaBeerBlog.com at @floridabeerblog on Twitter or Instagram for updates and reminders.

If you have any questions, encouragement, or ideas, please let me know. Thank you, and I hope I can count on your support as we celebrate the Florida craft beer industry together.


Celebrate Florida Craft,



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