Brew Review – Ziko’s Rage by 26 Degree Brewing

Because vaguely homicidal sea turtles are a great place to look for inspiration for your beers.

Now we come to the kind of beer I love writing about; ones with a great backstory. I should probably have left this for a separate article, but here you go.

Sea turtles. 

Got your attention, didn’t it? Usually, injured sea turtles are docile, quiet, and reserved as they recover and are eventually released into the wild. Being near the beach (and prime sea turtle territory), there are a number of great organizations that will rescue and rehabilitate sea turtles.

In 2011, one such organization rescued an adolescent sea turtle named Ziko. Ziko had swallowed a few fishing hooks, and needed a nice, long 5 month rehab. Ziko was also apparently consumed with an all-encompassing anger, filled with the hatred that only hands can satisfy. Seriously, you didn’t want to get close to Ziko. Anger. Hatred. and Rage.

An image of the beast.

It’s this that inspired 26 Degrees to brew Ziko’s Rage (Russian Imperial Stout, 8.2% ABV, 40 IBU), a stout that’s just as bit and foreboding as the sea turtle that inspired it.

Ziko's Rage by 26 Degree Brewing

Ziko’s Rage by 26 Degree Brewing

Giant, heavy roasted malts are thick with notes of coffee and dark molasses, with a big, hoppy character that does not let up. It’s a chewy, dark brew that hits with a gigantic ABV punch. While Ziko has left us, released back into the Atlantic in November 2011, Ziko’s Rage stays to haunt 26 Degrees year round.

Enjoy it. Beware, but enjoy it. Ziko bites hard.

Drink Florida Craft,




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