Brew Review – Cantaloupe Vanilla Lager by Funky Buddha

Sometimes it’s funny when beers just sort of fall into your lap.

For some time now, I’ve been planning to brew a cantaloupe beer. I’m sure I will put more details about this once I finish brewing it, but it’s something that’s been simmering in my mind for a little while.

And you know, I’ve never personally seen a cantaloupe beer. Until I went to Funky Buddha recently.

And wouldn’t you know it, they had one. Slightly different than what I have in my mind, but there on the tap list was a Cantaloupe Vanilla Lager (Lager, 6% ABV).


First of all, when did Funky get a lagering program? I feel out of the loop.

Second, and this is in no way a dig on the beer, but the best thing to do is to order this beer and another one at the same time. Drink that other beer while this one warms up a bit.


When you first get the beer, and it’s still pretty cold, all you really get is the vanilla. A faint, lightly sweet vanilla. Sure, the rest of the beer is clean and malty sweet, with a light noble hop presence that graciously waits in the background.

It’s the quintessential lager; smooth, not harsh or biting, and very refined. But when it warms up a bit, the bouquet and the cantaloupe really comes out more.

You get that wonderful melon meatiness and chewy sweetness that is accentuated nicely with the vanilla. To be sure it’s very understated, especially considering everything else Funky Buddha releases.

But it’s good. According to Funky’s brewmaster/co-owner Ryan Sentz, they sterilized the cantaloupe and added it during secondary. I can’t exactly do that, so I have another way I’m doing mine. But it’s nice to get some tips.

I’ll let you know how mine goes. And I will be letting mine warm up a bit, too.

Drink Florida Craft,




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