Brew Review – Screamin’ Reels by SaltWater Brewery

Starting off, I’d like to congratulate Saltwater Brewery head brewer Dustin Jeffers on his recent nuptials. Congrats!

Every few weeks, you hear of another Florida brewery canning and distributing. It’s exciting to see how much Florida brewing is taking off, and that we really haven’t begin to scratch the surface of what this state can do. More of these beers need to make it to me, though. But there are a lot of breweries canning and distributing, which is always a good thing.

And Saltwater just joined the club and bought themselves a bright, shiny, new canning line. The first thing they proudly rolled off the line was their flagship Screamin’ Reels (IPA, 7% ABV, 75 IBU).


Convention dictates that every brewery basically has at least one IPA in heavy rotation. That doesn’t mean they’re boring, or that they all taste the same. Which is great, since Screamin’ Reels definitely doesn’t taste like a boring old IPA.

One big whiff of the beer, and you get a big blast of citric fruitiness. That comes from healthy additions of Summit and Colombus hops. Malt is low and unassuming here, as they wanted the hop of the beer to be the start. And star it does. There’s a big hoppy bitterness in this beer, and with a slightly different, unique mouthwatering flavor to it, too.

When Dustin showed my wife and I where the canning line was going to be, so many moons ago, he mentioned this would be their first release. It’s a great introduction to Saltwater and what they do. But I’m pretty interested to see what is getting canned next. Not that I would ever use my blog post to subliminally suggest the next beer they should can.

Drink Florida Craft,



P.S. Really, I wouldn’t try to subliminally suggest any of their beers. Honest.


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