Brew Review – Old Elephant Foot IPA by Tampa Bay Brewing Co.

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to review a can of anything from Tampa’s classic Tampa Bay Brewing Co. And even though they’re releasing three new beers in cans, all of which I really need to try, it’s good to head back to one of their classics.

The beer that put them on the map.

The one named after a trash can.

Old Elephant Foot IPA. (India Pale Ale, 7% ABV, 80 IBU).

Old Elephant Foot IPA by Tampa Bay Brewing Co.

Old Elephant Foot IPA by Tampa Bay Brewing Co.

This is a classic IPA in every sense of the word. It’s a deep golden color that pours slightly hazy but vibrant. The flavor is big and bold and hoppy, with a strong bitterness. That comes from Northern Brewer and Centennial hops at the beginning, plus lots of Cascade at the end of the boil AND dry hopping.

The aroma has a massive citrus feel to it, heavy with orange and lemon notes. That citric feel also goes into the flavor, blending with the bitterness to give as strong and tropical a feel as any quality IPA on the market.

So naturally, this beer should make you think of garbage. It’s how a beer from Ybor got a giant African land animal as its namesake.

The story goes that the brewers, after finalizing the recipe, struggled to find something to name it after. One of them had a little, old garbage can in the shape of a big elephant’s foot. They named the beer after that family heirloom… garbage can… because that’s just what brewers do.

Please keep in mind the beer isn’t garbage. Just it’s namesake. The beer is quite tasty. I can’t get it around me, which is a shame, but it is quite tasty.

I’m going to say garbage one more time. Promise.


Drink Florida Craft,



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