Brew Review – Barrel Aged Imperial Pina Colada by Funky Buddha Brewery

Many moons ago, I did an interview with Ryan Sentz, the co-owner and brewing genius at Funky Buddha Brewing in Oakland Park/Boca Raton. Our conversation ended up drifting to expectations for different styles of beers.

Basically, as Ryan said, if you have a style everyone knows about (in this instance, we took their tripel Triple Lindy), expectations are higher vs. a beer that few have heard about, much less try. For that beer, we discussed their Pina Colada Wheat ale.

These days, I’ve seen a few more of those around. So… What is Funky Buddha supposed to do?

Apparently, go crazy with Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Pina Colada (Hefeweizen, 11.5% ABV).


This is definitely not a beer for IPA loving purists. Sorry.

Not sorry, actually. As far as hefeweizens go, Funky Buddha is one of the reigning kings in FLorida, with their flagship FLoridian hefeweizen. I’m not sure they used that as a base here, but whatever they did has a great, fruity flavor that blends quite nicely with fresh pineapple and coconut. No extracts, here.

But there is rum. A nice, slightly woody undercurrent of a blanco rum. It’s not heavy or heady, more like a small floater. Not that the beer doesn’t pack a punch; just over 11% ABV is quite intense.

Especially for a wheat beer. I honestly can’t say I’ve had a hefeweizen that strong before. They’re usually pretty light.

The looks are deceiving, since it has the classic hefeweizen dark golden/light orange color, plus an translucence that almost approaches a kristallweizen (which, for thouse of you that may not know, is a hefeweizen that is heavily filtered to remove any particles and cloudiness).

This, clearly, isn’t your everyday summery hefeweizen. Doesn’t need to be. But it’s a great twist on a beer that shows off what Funky Buddha does very well.

Let’s see how many people jump on that style now, too.

Drink Florida Craft,




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