Brew Review – Vanilla Espresso Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

My boss is an IPA fan. He wants his beers to be as hoppy as possible. And he can’t understand as to why people would put anything as crazy as coffee into beers.

I don’t understand the man at all.

Coffee was made to be put into beer. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the partnership between the two has become so ubitquitous that the style and roaster of the coffee is now becoming an important concern when it comes to brewing a coffee-infused beer.

While regular coffee is used in amy beers to good effect, South Florida tends to gravitate towards stronger stuff. For evidence, look at Funky Buddha Brewing’s Vanilla Espresso Porter (Porter, 6.4% ABV).


Vanilla Espresso Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

While this looks on the surface as another treatment of their OP Porter. You’d probably be correct, and you also need to keep it to yourself as treating that wonderful beer needs to be a full time job for someone on their staff.

As most brewers no doubt know, coffee tends to pair absolutely wonderfully with porters due to the flavorful combinations of roasted coffee and roasted malts.

The extra added punch from using espresso works wonderfully, and gives the beer an added roundness and dimension not present when using regular coffee. The coffee also dominates the aroma of the beer, giving it a delicious, robust note.

Adding a touch of vanilla at the end helps to sweeten the beer a bit and take a bit of the coffee bite out. It’s light, flavorful, and an excellent beer all around.

The man simply doesn’t know what he’s missing. Too bad.

Drink Florida Craft,



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