Brew Review – Chocolate Peppermint Stout by Due South

If this is what the holidays are always going to be like from now on, count me in.

For some time now, the big, traditional December speciality beer release has been Winter Warmers, basically overly spiced Russian Imperial Stouts. These tend to be heavy, syrupy, and can sometimes be used as motor oil if need be.

But the newer trend which is picking up a lot of steam is peppermint. Not everything, but mainly peppermint porters and stouts.

And if you’re concerned about it tasting like mouthwash, then travel to Due South Brewing in Boynton Beach and grab a pack of Chocolate Peppermint Stout (Stout, 5.6% ABV).


Chocolate Peppermint Stout by Due South Brewing

This is good, y’all. So, so, so very good.

The beer starts its life as Legendairy, their milk stout. From there, cocoa beans and peppermint are added. It comes on draft and in 4-packs, and it’s worth the drive. It’s as close to a wonderful adult milkshake as a beer has any right to be.

It’s the creamiest, richest, most flavorful beer I’ve had in a very long time. Don’t worry about hops; they’d get in the way. Don’t worry about yeast, either. Just keep it simple.

The mint is noticeable. It’s not overpowering or overwhelming. Noticeable is a perfect way to describe it, I think. It also feels very low in alcohol. It’s not, but with all the rich, wonderful flavors, it’s easy to forget that fact.

This is the tip of the iceberg for peppermint beers, which may be a good thing if they’re all this wonderful.

I’ll just have to try more of them.

Drink Florida Craft,



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