Brew Review – The Unkindness by Barley Mow

I need to know more about Barley Mow. It’s just intriguing that a brewery from Largo, Florida, a city once known as Citrus City, created a brewery with such a dark, brooding image.

Seriously. It’s like stepping into an Edgar Allen Poe book. And they do love their ravens.

Not the “Hey, we won the Super Bowl” kind of ravens, but the jet-black, ominous, creepy flighted kind.

Ravens are so much a part of the identity of Barley Mow that they named their signature beer after an old term used to describe a flock of ravens, The Unkindness (Cascadian Dark Ale, 7.4% ABV, 100 IBU).


Seriously. People used to call a flock of ravens an Unkindness. Tell me that’s not a great name for a metal band.

As for the beer, it failed as being unkind. It’s pretty good, and one of the better hoppy beers I’ve had in the state. The style, Cascadian Dark Ale, is more commonly referred to as a Black IPA due to the prominence of the hops in the beer.

My thing is, this beer works a bit better as its own style. I like how the dark, roasty malts not only accentuate the floral qualities of the hops used, but also go a long way in cutting the bitterness of the hops and making the beer, for me at least, more palatable.

If you want a good example of this, and you’re in the Tampa Bay area, The Unkindness is the place to start. The hops are very noticeable and prominent, and you get a little tart citric quality on the nose and in the flavor of the beer.

But the malt comes in very strong, with those sharp coffee notes, plus a bit of woodsy char and a tiny, tiny bit of molasses. Those flavors blend with the hops and create a beer that is all at once dark, moody, bright, and complex.

Not at all unlike our Corvus Corax friends, mysterious as they are. As they are when they hang out in Citrus City.

I simply have to interview Barley Mow. So many questions to ask…

Drink Florida Craft,



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