Brew Review – Sunshine State of Mind by Gravity Brewlab

Gravity Brewlab is easily one of the coolest names for a brewery I’ve ever seen. When it opens, it will be the 4th brewery in the Miami neighborhood of Wynwood.

Owner Diego Ganoza doesn’t want you to wait, however. Available in bottle shops statewide is what will be a flagship for the opening brewery, Sunshine State of Mind (Saison, 5.3% ABV).


According to Diego, the recipe was developed with Gravity brewmaster Robert Tejon’s considerable strengths in brewing saisons in mind. Diego was leaning towards a wheat beer, so a wheat saison with an added Pilsner malt was the result.

SSOM (because the name is a bit too long to continually type) was made to be light, refreshing, and to showcase the saison yeast, while giving a crisp citrus feel that is identifiable with the Latin culture of South Florida.

They succeeded brilliantly. This is a great, light beer, perfectly clean and easy to drink on a balmy Florida summer day. Styrian and a very mild addition of Citra hops round out the flavor profile, and really serve to slightly accentuate the citrusy quality of the beer.

It amazes me that beers like this can have such fruity qualities without containing any actual fruit. But, by blending the right ingredients in just the right quantities, Diego and Robert have created a great, fruit aroma-forward beer that beer drinkers of all levels can appreciate.

Next up is their IPA. Definitely looking forward to that.

Drink Florida Craft,



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