Brew Review – Undefeated Saison by Funky Buddha

Q: What is the only professional sports team that has gone through a season, regular and post, without losing a single game?


A: The 1972 Miami Dolphins. No other team has replicated the feat. Even the Ickey Shuffle couldn’t prevent the fabled ’85 Bears from losing at least one game (ironically, to the Fins).

There are still a lot of Dolphins Alumni living in South Florida, and tradition dictates that when the last team in the NFL each season loses at least one game, they get together and pop a cork to celebrate their dominance of this one as-yet-unreplicated feat.

Oakland Park’s Funky Buddha Brewery happens to have a lot of Dolphins fans, most of all the owners, so they decided to take the opportunity to brew a special beer to celebrate this achievement: Undefeated Saison (Saison, 6.2% ABV, 20 IBU).

Here’s the kicker: just like the ’72 Dolphins alumni don’t start pouring the bubbly until the last team falls, Funky Buddha didn’t release Undefeated Saison until the last team finally lost a game.

And we had to wait a long, long time, courtesy of Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. But fall they did, to Atlanta, and we finally got our bubbly.


Undefeated Saison by Funky Buddha Brewery

It was worth the wait, too. The beer is fairly interesting, with a reddish-pink haze from the Concord grape must that was used in the brewing.

Must, FYI, is the first pressing of grapes into juice, is unpasteurized and unfiltered, still containing grape skins and seeds and other stuff. Still good, though.

FYI, pour it slowly. Please. I had quite the head on mine.

The beer was fermented with a champagne yeast, which gave the finished product a slightly funky, slightly sour finish. There were a lot of berry and a few citrus notes on the nose and in the taste of the beer, and the yeast made those flavors a bit more pronounced.

Mind you, this was not a sweet beer at all. They finished this beer as dry as possible. There is a residual sweetness, mostly from the grape, but it still has a snappy finish to it.

I have Adrian and John to thank for my bottle, but you can still get bottles and draft at Funky in Oakland Park. It will also be on tap at this weekend’s Maple Bacon Coffee Porter fest-a-bration.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for next season’s release.

Drink Florida Craft,



2 thoughts on “Brew Review – Undefeated Saison by Funky Buddha

  1. While I understand you tasted the sour funkyness and the residual sweetness, your suggested origins of those tastes lead me to a few questions about the beer. How did you come to the conclusion that the residual sweetness was from the grapes? sugars in grapes are sucrose and fructose, both of which are 100% fermentable, there should be no leftover sweetness from the grapes, maybe I am understanding it wrong. Also how did you come to the conclusion that the funk was from the yeast? if they did use 100% champagne yeast on the beer that might be where the residual sweetness came from actually. That residual sweetness however would be very prone to infection, which might explain the sour funk. Please let me know what you think. Maybe a follow up article after speaking with the brewers would be helpful to answer some of my questions. Thank you for your continued support of the South Florida Beer Scene!


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